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  Covid 19 30 Apr 2020

Madar – A Family Entertainment Destination by Arada at Aljada, Sharjah

Madar A Family Entertainment Destination at Aljada Sharjah

There is so much of bad news surrounding us that at times, we tend to overlook some good news. At a time, when the world is fighting for survival and look for ways to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we have to look for some hope and plan ahead to restructure our lives, once the pandemic gets over.

Did you by any means had any idea about the launch of Madar at Aljada, a family-friendly entertainment complex that happens to be situated within the Muwaileh district of Sharjah. Inaugurated by HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Arada, the company behind the project, this complex has all the ingredients to scale new heights.

He also said, “We are taking a new step in the march of Sharjah, defined by development, prosperity, and civilization, architectural, cultural, and scientific renaissance”.

What makes Madar so special?

The name “Madar” in Arabic means path or orbit and in a way broadly represents the freedom of movement made available to everyone within this site.

There are a few reasons that will make this destination popular with both young and adults. Here are a few examples:

  • It is a family-friendly destination containing several activities and attractions that also happen to include the likes of YourSpace, a fully-fledged events hall; an amphitheater dedicated solely for outdoor events; Playscape, a children’s adventure zone, and Skatepark – for adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts.
  • Spanning around 600,000 sqft, the development is configured to includes a cluster of attractions. This whole development is planned to introduce you to a lifestyle destination that incorporates all the progressive elements.
  • For foodies in general, the entertainment complex will feature will plenty of option that includes the likes of Zad, a dining hub with 18 food and beverage outlets, apart from Sushi Station, Krush Burger and Chicken ’n’ Cone. Each of the outlets is further housed in a redesigned shipping container.
  • Guests also get the option to check out the AUS Pavilion, a space designed by students from the American University of Sharjah, conceptualized and crafted to provide shade from the scorching sun and to present a spacious communal area right within the complex.
  • Madar by Arada will also have green spaces and water features, and its entire length and is designed in a manner that makes it possible for you to walk through the entire complex, even during the summers.

Notwithstanding the other attractions, the Aljada Discovery Centre, a futuristic, elliptical building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects takes the prime slot and the sight itself is something to behold.

What next?

Madar was supposed to play host to a full calendar of engaging events and this was being done to draw people from the various communities within the UAE to Aljada, every weekend. It was all set to feature live performances from leading and popular artists, sportspeople and musicians. But then with the Covid-19 pandemic and because of the state of current affairs, all the events stand suspended.

However, once the lockdown is lifted, things will be back to normal and Madar- the entertainment complex will again resume its operation!

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