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As far as foreign investors are concerned, the process of buying a property is simple and does not involve any complicated formalities. The protocols laid down are easy to follow and can be completed without having to face any major hassle. If you wish to know more about the procedure, then we at Gold Pillars Properties will ensure to provide all the necessary assistance.

Real Estate registration and transfer fees

The process of real- estate registration in the UAE comprises many technical steps and documentation. It is somewhat chaotic and a tad slow. But given the circumstances, this is something that is mandatory for you to complete.

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Setting up a business in UAE

There is a reason behind the UAE being ranked as one of the major business hubs. With more than half of the global conglomerates operating out from here, it is fast becoming a destination of choice. In addition to these, you are not likely to find any place that offers...

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Tax system for properties in the UAE

In a report published by one of the UK’s leading property firm Knight Frank that compares property taxes in 15 countries, the results were surprising. The report showed that people buying properties in Dubai have to pay the lowest amount of taxes

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Visa Process for property owners

When it comes to the Dubai-based property market, there are multiple options for you to choose from. Starting with sleek and modern apartments, elegant townhouses and grand villas as well as various commercial buildings...

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Account opening process for Property Owners in the UAE

Dubai is now a major destination of choice for property and business investment. Home to some of the world’s largest and profitable real-estate market, it is fast gaining a lot of prominence of late.

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