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5 Tips You Can Use To Lower Your Monthly Rent

5 Tips You Can Use To Lower Your Monthly Rent

Most of the landlords in Dubai are renting out properties at very exorbitant terms. The strong demand for homes, coupled with facilities that are made available make things more viable for people who live in rent.

While you have no such issue with the house that you live in, but it also does not mean that you agree with the rent payable at the end of every month. In such a situation, the only option left for you to do would be to head towards the negotiating table.

By and large, there are 5 important tips that you can make use of to lower the monthly rentals.

  1. Negotiate for better terms with your property owner: Before making any commitment with your landlord, make an effort to do some proper research into the overall prices that are trending at the moment for similar properties. Once you are done, then you can consult with your landlord and emphasize your track record as a tenant. Most of the property owners will go out of their way to negotiate for better rent prices with existing tenants.
  2. Find a suitable location: Location is one of the key aspects when it comes to real estate. In case you happen to live in a posh locality, the rent you will end up paying is somewhat on the higher side. But if you are willing to compromise and move to some other location, then you have a good chance of finding a prime property with very attractive terms.
  3. Wait for the ideal time: Don’t just look for an apartment, just for the sake of it. It would be appropriate to wait for the ideal time and look for something that suits your specification. There is no point rushing for something for which you are not ready. Take some time and wait for the ideal opportunity. Just when it feels right, make sure to snag the offer.
  4. Look at the overall facilities: Most of the homes do come with some additional freebies. Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of all, the landlords are now offering facilities such as furnished homes with fully equipped kitchen, round the clock security, ample parking space, free Wi-Fi, and much more. This in a way will save you some extra bucks.
  5. Make sure to sign a lease: For your own benefit, it would seem appropriate to sign a proper lease with your landlord. The lease that you sign will go a long way to protect your long term interest. In the absence of a proper lease, your landlord can increase the rental for the next month legally. In such a scenario, a long term lease will provide you with some additional security, apart from letting the rent to stay stable.

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