Elite City Real Estate

Elite City Real Estate

Elite City Real Estate

Since 2005, Elite City Real Estate has been focused on Developing Residential Real Estate Propositions in key areas of Dubai.

The aim has been excellence over capacity at a sensible cost, among the end buyer being most contented. This is through with vigilant study and concentration to each factor and a nonstop analysis of the situation of the market forces. The Investors should attain vigorous yields the tenants ought to get immense services and amenities at finest market rates and the benefit should be grateful for all time have a sellable order.

The pricing, site, outline, facilities and aftercare service has to be next to none and priced at supreme rates, so our investors and tenants all be successful in our propositions, which is why nowadays we get pleasure from 99% habitation rates on all our delivered ventures.

Noticing a flash for financial system since 2016 in Dubai and yields declining, we resolute to construct our most recent offering in Business Bay, centre of Dubai’s commercial region at a matchless price, so that our investors would not be exaggerated with the saturate of inexpensive properties coming to marketplace and still achieve unrivalled earnings going into 2020 and beyond.

City Real Estate proud to declare contain Average Stock Market Gains and Given our Investors 15-20% ROI annually.

The Sparkling Portfolio of Elite City Real Estate Includes:


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