The Shaikhani Group

The Shaikhani Group

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The Shaikhani Group
The Shaikhani Group of Companies is earlier also known as Memon Group of Companies and this group is the million dollars international business corporation as well as this group diversified wellbeing not only in the real estate enlargement but in trading and manufacturing industry also. It’s headquarter is situated in the Dubai and this Group is multiplying across 90 other countries in Asia ie; Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

The Shaikhani Group has successfully completed over 30 years in real estate development segment and this group delivered significant development  over than 30,000 units across the world in its time period and  this group's first operation began in 1978,
The Shaikhani Group is the only one who announced its plans to invest AED 1 billion in freehold property development projects in the UAE by 2008. The Shaikhani Group of Companies was introduced in 1993 and from that time this group has been remodeling the UAE property development sector by delivering quality projects and best services to its customers.

The Shaikhani Group is also support the charitable organization named Rabia Charitable Foundation which has more than 19 year in existence and it’s continually inspiring the million worldwide. This organization built schools computer institutions with subsidized fees as well as hospital where homeless people can get free treatment easily and housing facility that presently giving shelter over 3200 families. In addition, this group also supports a group named Rabia Relief Fund which help to the victimized people by climate. It provides the funds, hygiene food, medical aid and housing

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