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Meraas Holdings

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Meraas Holdings real estate includes property development sales and asset management over some of Dubai's most desired and famous areas, Meraas Holdings is focused on making a superior city for individuals to live, work, and visit. We outline for a various blend of individuals to stimulate an imaginative urban culture where the up and coming ideas, organizations, and communities can flourish. Our vision is to urge individuals to carry on with a dynamic urban way of life by designing, creating, and operating various places that empower individuals to appreciate a more of the things they adore. By concentrating on what is important most to individuals, we're reconsidering our city to grow new possibilities that will shape urban life for ages to come.

These speculations promise a superior future for individuals who residents in and trip to Dubai, and span various parts including food, retail, leisure and pleasure, hospitality, and wellbeing, in the midst of others. Our goals which to date incorporate City Walk, The Beach, Boxpark, Last Exit, The Outlet Village, and Kite Beach, are open places for communities to mingle, explore, learn, play, make, and appreciate.

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