Marina Arcade Real Estate L.L.C

Marina Arcade Real Estate L.L.C

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The Marina Arcade Real Estate L.L.C (Mada’in) is a real estate development company. Headquartered in Dubai and founded by prominent investors, Mada’in has an innovative approach to all its key stakeholders. It tries to provide end-users solutions for residential and commercial properties. It also tries to maximize profits for its shareholders.  It also adopts foremost Islamic Financing norms to ensure new standards in Shari’ah-compliant Real Estate. Mada’in tries to redefine the real estate landscape by introducing signature developments. It tries to build projects that surpass all in terms of design, quality, and detail. The diverse portfolio of real estate developments by Mada’in represent the latest in contemporary living and offer superior product value. The company aims for customization, personalization, timely delivery and excellent sales and after-sales standards.

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