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Dubai, UAE – KOA, a unique real estate idea that means to bring another definition to residential living in the UAE, introduces its project in the Dubai showcase this winter. Established by Mohammed in Zaal, former CEO of Al Barari, KOA has been made with the aim of driving Dubai's real estate industry into another time of cultural and urban improvement that contributes to the spirit of a dynamic new Dubai. 

KOA's properties will incorporate residential, business, retail spaces that are regionally unmatched as far as new design, extraordinary services, and access to culture, nature and genuine communities. These components have turned out to be more imperative to Dubai residents and are beginning to show themselves in zones, for example, D3 and Al Serkal in any case, as of not long ago, this development has not yet been acknowledged in real estate ventures. KOA's projects' quality lies in making novel spaces and that are centered around improving human experiences.


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