Al Sharq Investment

Al Sharq Investment

Al Sharq Investment

Al Sharq Investment unites two of the district's biggest and most regarded combinations – Qatar's Al Mana Global and Saudi Arabia's Al Sharq Group – in an organization that endeavours to set new models in the generous way of life division.

Al Mana Global’s  was recognized in 1951 who’s business interests expanded from real estate as well as retail investments to F&B, technology, media and entertainment. This group ranks as one of the Middle East’s most diversified conglomerates with more than 55 companies under management in eight countries across the region.
Al Mana Global property assortment extended from the Middle East to the United Kingdom and now it is currently assessing additional prospect in continental Europe., Al Mana Global symbolize some of the world’s most impressive magnificence brands  from Hermes to Giorgio Armani and Dior, in its home market of Qatar
Al Sharq Group founded in 1975 as the one of Saudi Arabia leading developer or investor which is very well known as the area’s biggest production house of plastic materials and as a result, it has been observed that this group is also doing very well in other business particularly in agriculture, real estate and hospitality business.

Al Sharq Investment’s goal is to establish itself as one of the world’s foremost developers for its ultra-exclusive and luxury-lifestyle enlargement.

Al Sharq Investment is a developer with supreme quality and accuracy with a reputation in business and extravagance that is second to none in the Middle East and crosswise over Europe.

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